Tears, Tantrums and Slow Cookers

Ok there weren’t any tantrums but it flows better than just ‘Tears and Slow Cookers’.

There were definitely tears though. A lot. And a slow cooker made it all better.

Let me start at the beginning.

I’m 6 months pregnant, running my own business, I also work part time leading an online community for global blue chips, and I have a very energetic 2 year old little boy. Who by the way is just hilarious at the moment with his helicopter impressions, dinosaur growls and complete obsession with anything that even remotely looks like a slide (does the side of a breakfast bowl even resemble a slide?!)

And well, I think I may be a little bit tired and hormonal.

So, I was on a group business call this morning (you know the video ones where you can see everyone else on the call?), and all of a sudden I could feel tears coming. I have no idea where from, but boy did they start flowing! Luckily I could turn my video off and just keep the audio, but I howled and howled and howled for about half an hour, trying to pull myself together every now and again, failing miserably.

The worst bit was I was so excited about the call as it was going to help me propel my business to the next level and give me tons of awesome ideas. Now it still gave me those ideas, but the complete meltdown I had prevented me from getting one on one advice from the lady running it, which I was gutted about.

So the call ended and I howled some more.

Luckily I had a morning jam packed with client calls so I had to pull myself together. But by 3pm I realised I hadn’t had lunch, the food shopping that had arrived at 9am was still in the hallway (not great on the hottest day of the year – or what feels like it at 6 months pregnant!), I had a long list still to get through before my son got dropped home, the kitchen was a mess and I had to get dinner on so it would be ready in time for tonight. Arrrrggghhhh!!

Now was the time for a stern talking to. Pull. Yourself. Together.

I ate. That helped. Luckily there was a chicken salad in the fridge ready to go, so a dollop of hummous added for extra protein (and taste, god I love hummous) and that was one job jobbed.

Dishwasher got emptied. And reloaded. Washing got hung up. Kitchen got tidied. But there was still dinner to tackle, and it was a new recipe (damn those new recipes that always take that bit longer). Today I just did not have the time.  

But you know what, it was on my meal plan and the only new recipe I was doing this this week, so it was being made whether I liked it or not.

Now this is where my trusty slow cooker came in and saved the day.

Whilst the recipe was pretty straight forward, it required pan frying the chicken, removing it, adding more ingredients, returning the chicken, adding more ingredients, cooking at one temp for however many minutes, then changing the temp and cooking until the end.

Now if I’m in the kitchen anyway, no problem. Easy peasy. But with my workload at it’s max right now, this just wasn’t an option.

So I chopped the onion and pan-fried those in the base of my Instant Pot (an amazing 7-in-1 slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker… you-name-it-er), just for a few minutes, then in went all the other ingredients (with less liquid than the recipe said as when you slow cook the liquid doesn’t evaporate).

Coat the chicken in starch and pan fry it first? Not a chance.  

Chopped garlic? I don’t think so. I used the box of frozen stuff (you can get frozen chopped ginger and chilli too. I know).

On went the slow cooker and all was calm.

We all have days like this, whether we’re pregnant and hormonal or not!

Life is BUSY. We get overwhelmed. We’re tired. And it’s normal. Like, if you don’t have days like this you’re the odd one out (although high five you for being so together).

But it is life, and we have to get on with it.

Having the slow cooker really saved my sanity today though.

Abi x

p.s. I came across this article whilst trying to work out how long to put the slow cooker on for. Pretty useful stuff.