Wednesday, September 7, 2016 - 8.30pm UK time

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It’s easy to keep your diet on track when you have no social commitments coming up, work is quiet and you have plenty of spare time get creative in the kitchen and make green smoothies every day.

But that’s not reality. Or if it is, it’s unlikely to last long.

What’s more likely to happen is you eat well for a few days, weeks, or even months, and then…

  • You get invited out to dinner
  • Your mum visits and asks what these weird bliss ball things are whilst fishing in the drawer for the hob knobs
  • There’s another birthday at the office
  • You have to work late... again
  • Your kids decide they don’t like this new food your making and demand sausages, beans and chips
  • Your husband agrees with the kids
  • A wedding invite arrives
  • You go on holiday
  • You have a row with your husband, boyf, partner, sister, best friend... whoever
  • You get some bad news

These are just a few examples of the day-to-day, real life events that prompt us to break away from our healthy eating regime.

And hey, you’ve been so good for so long, you deserve just one treat huh?

But with that treat comes guilt, and the conversations in your head that go something like this:

“Why did you eat it? You didn’t need it! You were doing so well. You’re a failure. Why can’t you just do what you said you were going to do?! God I want another piece…”

Then slowly but surely you enter a downward spiral of ‘slipping up’ and ‘letting yourself down’ until, sod it, what’s the point? You may as well just give up. You’re never going to be able to stick at a healthy diet. It’s just too hard.

And soon enough you’re back to your old eating habits.

Sound familiar?

Well, hear my when I say:

  • You deserve a treat
  • It’s perfectly ok to enjoy a biscuit, a plate of chips, or even (shock horror) a take away every now and again
  • It is possible to eat this way and still be healthy

Wanna find out how?

Life’s little curveballs, those triggers that throw us head first off the healthy eating bandwagon, are real. They’re daily occurrences that we can't avoid, and that we absolutely must learn to work around if we want to be healthy.

In a survey I carried out this Summer with over 165 women: 68% of you said you’d like to get healthy without being on a diet. 

And boy did that used to be me.

I spent 8 years burning myself out in a fast paced job that had me operating at a million miles an hour, travelling all over the world. With my crazy lifestyle came this yo-yo approach to dieting; when I ate well, I ate really well, but when I fell off the wagon I fell hard. 

When it all became too much I found yoga as a way out, and it was during my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training that I discovered quite how much food was affecting me, not just physically but mentally and emotionally too.

Through my continued yoga studies, training with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, becoming a mum, and a Certified Nutrition & Health Coach, I have learned how to create the balance and consistency in my diet that I craved and needed all those years ago.

I love that I now get to help other busy women do exactly the same, every single day, and that's exactly what I'll be teaching you during this upcomin training.

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Join me on Wednesday 7th September at 8:30pm and learn how to:

  • Create a balanced and consistent approach to healthy eating, no matter what life throws at you
  • Stop life's little curveballs in their tracks by planning ahead
  • Spend less time in the kitchen (and more time doing the things you love, with the people you love)
  • Enjoy a treat without the guilt, and without letting it push you off the wagon for good
  • Get inspired in the kitchen so you no longer feel stuck in a rut with meal ideas

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Can’t wait to see you there!

Abi x

Before working with Abi I felt like I’d become stuck in a rut - I have a high pressure job, three kids and a busy family life, and while managing to fit exercise in, my weight wasn’t shifting and my energy levels were all over the place, so I needed to do something for me, take some time to think about what goes into my body and how that will help me with what I get out of my body. That was where Abi came in. She helped me discover a new found excitement to be in the kitchen, trying out new recipes and cookbooks - and what amazed me even more was that my kids enjoyed some of the food too! I’m now less full of guilt about making bad food choices because I am armed with nutritional information to make better choices. And I now bring in my own breakfast or lunch to work most days, which I never thought I’d have time to prepare for before this! Abi’s approach of making small sustainable changes over time as well as educating - and suggesting new things to try - was a winning combination and I would definitely recommend her!
— Moushumi S, North West London

I’m a total foodie, but have often struggled with my relationship with food, coupled with a busy schedule it was all too easy to reach for unhealthy and un-nutritious meals for speed and ease after a busy day. Through working with Abi I learned I was wrong about how long it would take to plan or prep foods. I now know a little planning goes a long way in helping me prepare healthy and yummy food, and I no longer default to “it will take too long” or “I’m too tired”. And I lost 5 lbs!! Amazing! Abi provided delicious and nutritious recipes, many of which I tried and loved. She also encouraged me to create goals, even small ones, which helped me feel better about myself. I also learned so much about food, and that for example that having full fat milk or seed/grain bread isn’t the absolute worst thing in the world, and that snacking on things like almond butter are not only delicious but also good for me. And I now prefer things like that over anything unhealthy.
— Ellie G, South West London

I would describe Abi as a very kind and calm coach. Whether I came to her with a problem, or had good news to share about my week, she was always just as happy with my results as I was in myself. This encouraged me to keep going when things got tough, which they did a few times! Abi has a great sense of humour and there was never a dull moment, which also made me forget it was a session and I saw her more as a friend figure. And knowing I’d have to keep Abi up to date with my eating habits helped keep me on the right path!
— Charlotte H, South West London

The big thing for me before working with Abi was low blood sugar. I would get dizzy spells and feel faint, particularly after work and since working with Abi I haven’t had any. I always thought I needed to eat before the gym, but eating a diet full of nutritious, whole foods meant I had enough energy to last through the day and my workout. More generally, I have made big changes to my diet trying to focus on natural, whole foods, and I am more tuned in to how these foods make me feel. If I go out for dinner, I know I’ll be tempted by something deep fried and delicious, but I’m also aware of how I will feel the next day. I feel a million times better if I stick to something healthier and I feel proud of myself for making that choice. I also no longer rely on coffee to wake me up in the morning!
— Sally T, South West London

I first started working with Abi because I kept getting ill after a really horrible virus last summer. I heard about Abi through my gym and wondered if changing my diet could help. I was really surprised by how easy it was to speak to a complete stranger for an hour every fortnight. But it was super easy - like talking to a friend! And I can’t believe how much better I feel! I hoped changing my diet would help but I didn’t really know what to expect. I no longer have stomach-aches or discomfort. I feel less tired, healthier, and most importantly I’m well again. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!
— Perdy T, West London