Movers & Shapers

Movers & Shapers began life back in 2007. The idea was conceived by an expert team who had spent years watching huge numbers of people failing to reach their body and fitness goals.

Their research unearthed a heap of negatives surrounding people’s experience of losing weight, shaping up and getting fit. For many, gyms proved to be a lonely and unfulfilling experience.

Two hour slots were hard to find in their schedule, memberships and contracts were off-putting, they were impersonal, intimidating and overcrowded, and there was no real motivation. Dieting was hard work and often produced yo-yo results.

Movers & Shapers offer a fresh approach to changing body shape, losing weight and improving your health and fitness, delivered with real integrity. 

Their studios create a familiar environment, more like a retail store or boutique, handily located to pop in while working, shopping or on the school run.

Their job is to source the latest technologies and techniques to give you the most efficient and effective workout in a small group exercise environment. Most of their sessions last just 30 minutes, so you can double your results in half the time compared to working out alone in the gym. 

You'll have a friendly, expert Trainer to lead every group Personal Training session, keeping the numbers small to ensure real service and great value.